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Chef Gil

Culinary Chef

Gil Hunt of “Chef Gil's Catering" is a native of East Austin. He discovered his love for cooking as a young boy from his Big Mama and Aunt May. Hunt graduated from Del Valle High School in 2002. Upon graduating, he was highly encouraged by his family to pursue culinary arts and to challenge himself in what he believed was his calling in life. Hunt accepted the challenge and with hard work and dedication he eventually graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Austin in 2010 . After graduation, Hunt landed a job with the Four Star Westin Hotel. Hunt started his own catering company in 2012 which currently serves to the Greater Austin Area. “Chef Gil" has had the opportunity to cook for the Texas State Representatives and Olympic Metalist. Everyday Chef Gil continues to push himself to become more innovative and creative. With such great success over the years, Chef Gil recently receive the Austin Small Business Excellence Award.