Dr. Queeneth Jones

Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Queeneth Jones is a Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who works in the greater Dallas area serving two vulnerable populations: indigent people and veterans. Dr. Jones received her first undergraduate degree in Psychology and Minority Relations from Kansas State University in 2005 where she also competed as a Division 1 track and field athlete. Between rigorous course study, qualifying for the Big 12 conference, NCAA regionals and nationals, Dr. Jones participated in local community efforts to raise awareness of mental health in the urban community. After graduating, Dr. Jones decided to serve the community in an educational role - teaching troubled youth in Belle Glade, Florida. Experiencing the role of an educator at alternative sites and eventually becoming a middle/high school track coach is where Dr. Jones realized her purpose: Enhancing the mental/emotional stability of underprivileged people through education and awareness promotion. She then applied and was accepted to University of Florida-Gainesville Accelerated Nursing program and continued on to her earn Doctorate degree in May 2015. Though Dr. Jones faced many challenges while in graduate school, she remained in contact with her former students, worked full time in the Emergency Room, and fulfilled her duties as a mother and wife. Dr. Jones' treatment philosophy is embodied in her belief of balance, prioritization and love for others. She extends this mission to her family, frequently engaging in "Feeling Talks" with her two daughters, husband, and extended family.