Jahkeen (Jah) Gilmore

Carolina Panthers

Born: Brooklyn New York

College: Indiana University

Professional Accomplishments: NFL, CFL, AFL, BMG Model, Business Owner (I Challenge Consulting)

My name is (Jah)keen Gilmore. I am a former Professional athlete. I founded my fitness business in 2012. The name of my organization is called IChallenge Performance training. The name ichallenge represents (Belief (faith in something you desire or dream of; Performance: the things you act on once you believe in them; and lastly, achieving: the reward of your sacrifice). In all its about believing in something so much that you act on it. Making sure that no matter the circumstance it will be done. Since the start of my business I have been able to travel nationwide and share my story through fitness. In the beginning things started smooth and then got very challenging. I did not have any experience running a business and I needed help. I figured I could use my work ethic and that’s it. Once I realized that running a business took way more work and business related insight. I teamed up with a friend and client of mine who help me grow into a brand. The experience was very rewarding and valuable to me. To this day I continue to keep that individual in my life as an advisor. After learning the ins and outs of the industry I started to grow and develop a national presence through media and public speaking events. I noticed that what I have created as a fitness business became so much more. I started speaking at Universities and local events held by different organizations. After realizing that fitness and sports gave me an opportunity to build a platform and open new doors I started to expand more nationally by traveling to different cities. As a result I renamed my business to iChallenge Consulting. I felt the name change made more since to allow me to grow into a multipurpose organization. Today I am Consultant for Public Speaking, Coaching athletes, Fitness Model, Creator of my own fitness apparel. I am one of the most unique independent fitness consulting organizations nationwide.