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Chamagne Williams

Pink Daisy Beauty Bar

Chamagne left behind corporate America in 2014 to pursue her dream of working in Esthetics. She wasted no time in graduating from the Ann Webb Skin Institute, then immediately enrolled in the Instructor program and is now the Lead Instructor. Having the opportunity to not only work in the skin care industry but also teach has been a bonus she does not take for granted. It's a rewarding feeling to wake up and know that she is impacting the lives of others as they embark into their new careers.

Struggling with acne most of her teenage and young adult life has given her a great compassion for the skin care struggles of others. As a woman of color, she considers herself an expert in treating those of darker skin types and is accustomed to their specific needs. The services Chamagne provides are not limited to skin care. She is senior laser technician; a certified cosmetic injectionist, lash extension technician, makeup artist and will soon receive training in permanent makeup. She loves what she does and uses this platform to empower women to take care of themselves and to love the skin they are in.