Jade Lovera

Women Who Werk

Jade is a native Austinite. From a young age, Jade showed to be a natural businesswoman. She seamlessly climbed the corporate ladder in the multi-family housing industry concluding as a Regional Director. Longing for a more fulfilling and balanced life, Jade recently left the corporate world to pursue personal passions and entrepreneurial business ventures including joining Women Who Werk permanently. Jade has and continues to serve as a mentor, both professionally and personally.

While Jade has a natural knack for business performance, her passion remains guiding people with a devotion for making a difference in her community. Through this, “Genuine” is her explanation to success; genuine to herself, actions and others. She guides with respect, understanding and integrity. Her elevated intuition allows the ability to sincerely understand and accept others as they are with the precise approach needed to tailor the lead. Jade has a deep innovative desire to make things right in the world with an ensuing aspiration towards leading in legislation. As her journey unfolds, she survives through “Jaded Joy” with the proverb - “To be happy, is to want what you have.”

In her downtime, Jade enjoys her lifelong journey through motherhood and working to enhance her family daily. She loves an outdoor adventure, traveling and learning new things. Jade is open to new experiences and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life.