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Niki'l Young

Founder of Code Blaque

Niki’L Young also known by her social media handle as Niki’L YoungLove. Niki’L YoungLove was born in Texas and raised in Austin Texas. Niki’L YoungLove is the founder of Code Blaque, an independent social media broadcast commentary channel. The Code Blaque platform is geared toward providing black intelligent thought, black activism, black history facts, black mental health, black spirituality, black truth, and black overall economic wellness for Black people only. The title that best fit Niki’L YoungLove is “Black Empowerment Strategist with a focus on constructive resolutions to black problems and issues only.

Niki’L YoungLove attended the HBCU school of Prairie View A&M University, where she received her BS in Psychology. Shortly after completing her BS degree, Niki'L YoungLove went on to receive her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Niki'L YoungLove completed her master's degree internship at The Excellence & Advancement Foundation where she was the onsite counselor-intern for the foundation. As part of Niki'L YoungLove’s internship, she worked with youth between the ages of 12 - 18 years of age. Many of the youth were court appointed, referred by the local juvenile detention center or referred by the local and surrounding alternative learning center schools within the area. Niki'L YoungLove sharpened her skills through providing counseling services to those labeled "at risk” teens. The teens were at risk for all types of elements such as: harsher disciplinary actions leading to school suspension, jail/imprisonment, dropping out, misdiagnosing of mental disorders, school system bullying and a host of other elements that factor around the mistreatment of children based on lack of resources, lack of education, learning disability and other disabling factors. Over the past several years, Niki'L YoungLove has been actively working with the youth and their parents as well as; the black community to combat the crippling results of poverty, lack of resources, and an unbalanced family structure along with a host of other things. Niki’L YoungLove is also a strong supporter of equal justice, equal protection under the law and equally upholding the constitutional rights of Black people.

Currently, Niki’L YoungLove will continue to provide mental health services to the black community, team-up with other black activist and groups around the country providing think tank services, codified codes of conduct for black people and resolutions/solutions toward the issues/problems that plague the black community. Niki’L YoungLove will also continue to guest co-host on several well know black activist platforms to provide constructive and realistic commentary, as well as, resolutions and solutions toward the many elements that effect the black community as a whole.