Tarik Daniels

Author, Playwright, Actor, Executive Director and Founder of Whats in the Mirror

Tarik Daniels is an Author,Playwright,Actor and Executive Director and Founder of Whats in the mirror?, a social movement that provides Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness through art and advocacy to people of color. He has written three plays, Rose University, The Counseling Session and STIGMA, which the latter two were co-produced by the City of Austin. He also has written his first book, No Bonds So Strong.Graduated of Bowling Green State University, B.A and member of Spectrum Theatre Company Acting credits include BGSU Theatre Department's Six Degrees of Separation, The Dutchman, Times Square Angel, SSE's Better Than He Can, Austin Shakespeare's Medea, Spectrum Theatre Company's Once On This Island and Crowns (STAGE MANAGER), Teatro Vivo's The Stories of US and several staged readings and collaborations throughout Austin, Detroit, and Atlanta.