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TIFFANY NICOLE | GIFTED IMAGE CONSULTANT | CREATIVE STYLIST | EDUCATOR Paired with an immense passion for healthy living and beauty, originally Tiffany Nicole was a self-proclaimed “kitchen-tician”. Her natural talents and intimate relationship with hair, fashion and beauty has been evolving since she was a young teen. With her intuitive ability to relate to her clients on an individual level, she consistently connects with the individual essence of each client, and collaborates with them to create a look that displays their unique personal style/personality inside and out.

Tiffany Nicole is a detail-oriented stylist, specializing in natural hair and extensions. Understanding that “healthy hair is best” regardless of texture, length and color, she is committed to helping her clients establish a stylish look and educating them to develop maintenance routine that embraces healthy hair care options. As an educator, artist and training coordinator for Indique Hair International, Tiffany Nicole is a visionary who continuously brings fresh perspective, positive energy, creativity, and unparalleled style to the Indique beauty experience.

“I am passionate about what I do for every client. The opportunity to share my spirit and energy – while helping my clients to embrace their unique style is a process, a privilege and the essence of what it means to be a gifted personal stylist. Everyday my work is built on the true ‘evolution of beauty’ and no two experiences are the same. “Raised in Altadena, CA. Tiffany Nicole currently resides in Texas with her husband Chris and 3 beautiful children: Justice, Christian, Lyric Nicole and the family dog "Blue"

"I AM the gift of LOVE, a Passionate DREAMER, Creatively UNIQUE and have the POWER to do whatever I CHOOSE".....